Gaza bombardment review

Israel is clear terrorist in Gaza bombardment

Israelis not only targeting Hamas but civil building, civilians and kids

and so many Israelis are coming to US websites especially CNN to defend IDF actions, also they are actively writing in western papers to shape the public opinion.

look at the face of this kid littered with blood and terror

The reason is simple, they want non-shaking commitment of US people to Israel security, which Hillary said she would be doing so as usual

As Israel would not live long without US support. She gets billions in military aid and equipment to use against Palestinians and Arab neighbors and despite being a small country they have a global agenda. They hide behind things like being democratic and western country they are better than Arabs who are tribal. Human life is precious whoever you are. and Israel being occupier of Palestinian lands is real aggressor until there is a final settlement of the issue. US is letting her loose on Palestine, which is shame for the whole world and its systems which are unequal at the moment. oh but Obama is a Noble laureate for Peace.

and doing this and heading wars in other countries…..most of them are illegal. but legality is loosing its merits too.

and US is not a kid who is being betrayed by the Israelis, but at the same time people there think otherwise too as you can read here

Anyhow whatsoever is the outcome of this battle, there would be more support for extremists in Muslim world and more burning of US and Israelis flags.